Welcome to the Timespace Knowledgebase!
This knowledgebase aims to explain everything there is to know about Focus and the Timespace Platform. It is very much a work in progress and its driving force are questions asked by users. So if you can't find what you are looking for, ask by sending mail to We'll help you and then add documentation for others to see, too.
Basics and Activities
An activity is a basic element of Focus. Activities can be created in the Focus main view. To better understand activities, read the article What is an activity?

Each activity and indeed all content belongs to a cloud. The permission lists in a cloud define who can see and access the content.

Focus gets its name from its most prominent feature, focus. When focused, the app tracks your time and shares your focus with others in the cloud of the activity. Focusing also sets the context to which content is added from e.g. email or Dropbox. The FAQ explains this in more detail.
Core Data Types
Everything runs on the Timespace Platform, a friendly and flexible kind of database. Besides activities there are many other built-in record types and users can even create their own.

The Platform FAQ explains how the platform works.
Focus for Business
When you are focused, you'll feel better all the while getting more work done. Companies can buy support, sponsor premium Focus accounts to employees and even run business processes and workflows on top of Focus.
You are in control of and responsible for your own content. Timespace handles it with the utmost respect and care. More details can be found in the Terms of Service.