Timespace Platform FAQ
How can I create record types?
1. Navigate to the cloud that should contain the new record type, and add a new "Type definition"

2. Create a template for the new type
- Start by copying a similar type template or from scratch by copying the record template
- Add the "Type template" type to the template so it can be added to the feeds of other types of records

3. Add relevant fields to the template
- Use field name objects. Normally you should create these in the cloud that the type is in.
- Use tags to tune the behavior and appearance of the fields
- Tag object fields with type definitions to designate which types of objects should be selected in them
How can I remove fields from records?
The "Change field order" function in the three dot menu next to the record title has buttons to remove fields.
Field Tags
What field tags are available?
What field value formatter tags are available?
How can I show a picture or a video in a field?
Use the Media embed tag.
What are field editor tags?
Field editor tags define how the field value is edited. Most field editors only support a single data type.
The Feed
How can I choose which feed view is shown by default?
You can choose which feed view opened at first by adding a field tagged "Default feed view" with the desired feed view record in it.
How can I limit what's shown in the feed by default
You can use the following tags to limit what's show in the feed and to rename the feed title.
How is the list of templates in the feed adder constructed?
A template is shown in the feed adder if
  1. it has the "Type Template" type
  2. it has a record field that has been tagged with one of the types of the currently selected object.
The special Record type can be used to tag a field in such a way that any type of object is applicable.

For example:
  • A file is shown in an activity's feed adder because it has a field that has been tagged with the Activity type. (The field is called "Activity" but the name is not relevant).
  • A comment is shown in the feed adder everywhere, because it has a field with the special Record type
If you have limited what's shown in the feed (see "How can I limit what's shown in the feed by default?") you have also limited the templates shown in the adder to those types but the aforementioned conditions also still apply.
What is the combined feed view?
The combined feed view shows the feed for multiple records at the same time. For example, contacts from different clouds are grouped together so you can see where the same person participated in all clouds. You can select the normal feed view to only see records that specifically link to the opened contact.
Selecting Records into Fields
How can I adjust where records are initially searched for in the text search record selector?
The default action is to search for records from all of the user's own clouds if the current cloud is one of them. Use the following tags to override this behavior and initially either search only this cloud or all clouds. Note that these changes require a page reload currently.
How can I make a field where you can only select one record?
Normally you can select multiple records to a field, but with the following tag you can limit selection to just one.
How can I limit the type of objects that can be selected to a field?
Tag the field with Type Definitions. Pick all the types that should be allowed. Type definitions are identified by the DNA helix icon.

For example, if you want to your field to contain all kinds of activities, use the activity type. If you only want it to contain appointments, use the Appointment type.