Frequently Asked Questions
What is Timespace?
Timespace is an app that helps you focus on what matters to you. It comes in mobile and web versions.
The associated cloud service gathers content automatically from other connected apps and attaches it to your activities.
What is the Timespace Platform?
The Timespace Platform does all the heavy lifting for Timespace. Clouds and records are fundamental concepts of the platform and they can be used to build all kinds of web apps. Examples of these are simple web sites or server side apps such as
What is a record?
A record is the building block of anything you will find on Timespace. Every activity is a record, every comment, file, photo etc. is a record. Even clouds and users are records. All records are version controlled so you can never lose data. You can always see who has created or changed a record and when that happened. These are defined in the built-in fields of a record. In addition to the built-in fields each different record type (Activity, Comment, File, Photo etc.) define additional fields depending on what it is used for. See also the Timespace Core FAQ.
What is a cloud?
A cloud contains records (activities, comments, files etc.) and defines who can read, change and publish them. Records can exist in one or more cloud so you can use clouds to master the access to your content in a very fine-grained way.

Clouds can be associated with a unique URL making it easy to share content with others. If you want a custom URL for a cloud, please send us an email to and we will set it up for you.
What does it cost?
The basic version is free of charge but there is a Premium support package available. The pricing can be seen on the front page (when logged out).
How can I create clouds?
You can easily add a new cloud when adding a new activity. Just pick the first option "New cloud".
How can I share activities with other people?
Once you have a new cloud set up for sharing (see above) you can invite other people to join it. Navigate to the cloud and click on "Invite people". Type in their e-mail addresses. You can also customize the message.
How can I make file uploads automatic?
You can make uploads from Dropbox automatic by linking your Dropbox account.
  1. Navigate to your user settings (Click the user navigation circle in the top right corner and open New User Settings)
  2. Click the action Link with Dropbox
  3. Upload something to the folder and see it appear in the feed of your focused activity.
  4. The uploaded files are automatically removed from your Dropbox folder.
If you want to add more folders to import from:
  1. Click the user setting field Automatic Import Sources to edit it
  2. Click Add new... and add a New Dropbox Folder
    • Folder name: Set to the folder in Dropbox that you want to use with Timespace.
    • Content type: Search and select either File or Photo record type depending on what you use the folder for.
    • Start activity by adding content: Add here an activity type (eg. Photography) if you want to have an activity started for you automatically when new content is added to the folder when you are idle.
    • The folder you choose should already exist in Dropbox. Please create it if it doesn't.
How can I export/import emails?
Send an email to to import it your focused activity. To add emails you have received, use the forward function in your email program (e.g. Gmail). When you send emails to others, you can add focus@timespace as the Bcc address to similarly add it to your focused activity. If you are not focused, the email will be discarded.

To export emails from Timespace use the Send to me action found when navigating to an email. This will set the Reply-To header so that you can just reply to it in your email client to reply to the original sender and Cc addresses.

The email import and export functions work with the email address you use to log in to Timespace. If unsure, you can see which one under Identifications in User settings. If you have multiple email addresses you would like to work with, contact and we can add them as identifiers.
How can I make my own activity types?
Create a new Type Definition and template for your activity. It's probably easiest to copy an existing activity template and type definition and then modify them.

An activity is just another kind of Record, so see see "How can I create record types?" in the Timespace Core FAQ.
How can I make activities stay on the activity list?
Add the ongoing activity type to your activity's types. See the type description for details.
(Timespace Activities)
How can I remove my account?
We're sorry to see you go, but just send an email from the account you signed up with to and we'll take care of it for you.