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Timespace helps you get things done while maintaining a healthy balance between work and play.
Improved focus
Bring activities from all aspects of your life together to one place and see the big picture. Find what matters the most and focus on it. Get more time for what you love and get other things done more efficiently.
Improved well-being
Live in the moment. Focusing on one thing at a time reduces stress. Verbalizing your goals in work, health and life in general helps you achieve them.
Collaboration with awareness
Content you create is automatically shared with the right people, for example your family, colleagues or selected friends. This reduces the need for others to interrupt you. Seeing what others are focusing on leads to a great feeling of presence even when physically apart and enables people to help each other achieve common goals.

How It Works


Like in any to do list, add what you want to do. You can do it by yourself or invite others to join.

Unique to Timespace, you can focus on one activity at a time.
Do Your Stuff

When focused, Timespace gathers and stores photos, emails and files you create automatically. The people you've shared your activity with can see what you are focusing on and what you've created immediately. There's no need to explicitly upload, organize and share content or status updates with people.
Relax, Reflect and Follow

Everything is in its place. You can move activities in time and continue later with all relevant content at hand. You can see what others are focusing on and share your insights.
The real value of Timespace is the conversation with your conscience.
Chris Dancy
Timespace creates the perfect balance between one's individual mindfulness and organizational goals.
Nicholas White
Managing Director, Learn Adapt Build


Timespace comes in three feature-rich plans depending on your needs.
You can use Timespace to manage your life and hobbies and try it at work.
  • Dozens of different ready-made activity templates
  • Attach photos, files and e-mails
  • Productivity integrations: Dropbox, Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Fitness integrations to Google Fit and Oura
  • up to 5 clouds for sharing and categorizing activities

Price: Free
Includes everything in Casual, plus
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Use roles to manage multiple backlogs and responsibilities
  • Create custom activity templates
  • Outlook and IMAP email integrations
  • Raw data export to Excel
  • Unlimited clouds
Recommended for freelancers and advanced users.

Price: Free while we're in beta
Includes everything in Premium, plus
  • Specialized CRM activities for sales
  • Support for modeling business processes as activities
  • Payable with an e-invoice in six month cycles
  • Dedicated support contact and online coaching*
Recommended for SMEs.

* min. 10 users

Price: 39€ / person / month + VAT

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